Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation - PECR 2018 updates

The #PECR, updated in 2018 sits along side the #GDPR and imposes strict rules on electronic marketing ie: phone, email, sms, fax as well as tough rules on the use of web site cookies, and those providing public access to telephone and internet services. The PECR extends the GDPR and applies even if no personal data is being processed. For those organisations that have websites, use any form of electronic marketing or run a communications network it is important that the rules and understood. Concrew Trainings one-day workshops on data protection are designed to provide this essential refresher training GDPR TRAINING

GDPR course updated

With the #GDPR legislation going live this week, we have updated our one day GDPR workshop to reflect the very latest developments.

Privacy Impact Assessment Guidance

The Information Commissioner's Office web site provides information and guidance on the #GDPR and carrying out #PIA. 

For those looking for more bespoke support Concrew Training can assist

Data Protection Impact Assessments ARE Essential !!

Lots of interest in our Privacy Impact Assessment #PIA #PIAS training course.  People are starting to realise that #dataprotection legislation and the #GDPR will only be achieved if privacy is considered at ever stage of every policy, procedures, practice, project and activity - data protection privacy impact assessments help deliver this.

Privacy Impact Assessment PIA guidance

Data Protection Privacy Impact Assessments ( PIA, PIAS ) are a highly effective way to embed data protection and #privacy into all your #policies, #procedures, #practice, #activities and #projects.

for those looking to develop their own approaches to PIAS the ICO provides excellent guidance here

alternatively Concrew Training offers on site support on your premises in terms of staff training and development in #DataProtection, #GDPR and #PIA #PIAS

Data Protection and GDPR training

Privacy Impact Assessment Training

Cyber Security and The GDPR

Hardly a month seems to go by without a major cyber security breach hitting the headlines but just how big a risk is cyber security to the average organisation?

Its easy to sweep the #GDPR and #CyberSecurity under the mat and think it won't happen here.   The annual cyber security survey provides a useful insight into just how wrong that view may be.

The 2017 survey reported:

"46% of all UK businesses identified at least one cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months. "

"Overall, businesses that hold electronic personal data on customers are more likely than average to have had breaches (51% versus 46%). Nonetheless, breaches are still prevalent among organisations whose senior managers consider cyber security a low priority (35%), and in firms where online services are not at all seen as core to the business (41%)."

"Among the 46 per cent of businesses that detected breaches in the last 12 months, the survey finds that the average business face…

Equal Pay Reporting - Huge Fines Looming?

The deadlines for reporting on equal pay are 30 March 2018 for public sector organisations and 04 April 2018 for businesses and charities.
The Equality and Human Rights Commission will commence enforcement action on 09 April 2018 giving a further 28 days to comply.
One recent estimates suggested 33% of FTSE 100 companies had still to report and another that for all eligible employers the figure was closer to 12%

Given the large number of organisations who have still to report and the time available to gather the information and report penalties are likely to be widespread.

It is also probable that many of those organisations who have ignored equal pay reporting will also have paid too little attention to The GDPR and will be at risk of fines for non compliance in that area too

More on Equal Pay Reporting More on The GDPR #equalpay #gdpr #eprivacy #equality #concrewtraining